Action Drama Genre Trope - Mafia Genre Trope - Poor Guy/Rich Girl Genre Trope - Tragedy Lakorn/Completed Subber - CatAttack

Hong Nuer Mungkorn (2017) / The Swan Beyond The Dragon


Liu’s life is turned upside down when she inherits the role of the leader of a large triad syndicate. Due to her inexperience and gender, she is frowned upon. Many people wants her place as leader, and they are willing to do everything they can to take it. Liu’s life is in constant danger, but amid the danger and darkness, there is something good. She meets Changhao, a man who is constantly by her side every time she faces life threatening danger. As their friendship and feelings grow, they face even more difficulties when Changhao’s background is revealed. Changhao joined her gang for ulterior motive. Despite her attempts to survive, Liu constantly faces terrible threats. Changhao, who has fallen for the enemie’s daughter is caught up in turmoil trying to protect her, but bring down those in her family.  (Source: Bitter Kisses)


  1. Sandra says:

    Hello… the source disappeared from the server!!! where can I find this lallen?

    1. Sornsuer says:

      Her site is down for maintenance.

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