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Happy Ending or Sad Ending?

Joss and Nune on Game Rak Ao Keun

Anyway last week I just watch an alternate ending to Game Rak Ao Keun. Have you watched this lakorn? If you haven’t, I recommend you to watch it before finish reading this because I’m gonna write about the ending. Or if you don’t mind spoiler like me, then you may proceed. Lol

This lakorn originally aired last year with different ending that made literally everyone dissatisfied (including me). A little synopsis, we got this nang’ek, Risa (Nune) who got cheated by her husband, but then she meet our young pra’ek, Pong (Joss) and fall in love with him. So jump to the end, our pra’ek died because he tried to save his Mom (who btw is the one cheating with nang’ek husband, what a mess right? lmao) As for the alternate, they change it to he survived the accident and our pra’ek & nang’ek live happily ever after.

But after I watch this episode, it makes me thinking why do I hate the original ending so much? I mean I never mind a sad or even tragic ending dramas before, I remember I’ve watched a lot of dramas/movies with sad ending. Then I try to rewind my memory about sad endings that I didn’t really fond of and realize its because mostly they didn’t do any justice to our male/female lead! (which happen a lot in lakorn.)

Take Game Rak Ao Keun as an example, Pong is a lonely kid who lack of love hence his “prostitute” job when he meet Risa for the first time. But really he is just a sweet kid who once he love someone he will do everything for her. He is also a big change in Risa’s miserable life and when she’s with him she can be herself. But after all he did to her, the writer decided to kill him in the end. And not just that, the writer make Risa comeback to her husband after he “apologize and ask for a second chance”. Lmao the hell with that! that’s not fair and I can’t accept that. What’s with all the karma talk if the good guy didn’t got his due happiness and the bad guy didn’t got the punishment he deserve?
And I also think its such a waste of character development, throughout the drama we saw Pong who change from a rebellious kid into a responsible man, and how Risa change into a better person who can finally stand up for herself but to be comeback to the start when she accept her husband again! I mean its good to be forgiving, but did you forgot Pong? Did you forgot what your husband did? Lmao. I feel like I’ve been thrown under the bus when I watch that problematic last episode.

Kem and Thisa on Tawan Arb Dao

And another lakorn that literally made me throwing a soulless laugh when it reach the end is Tawan Arb Dao. The recently finished lakorn which starred our son/baby/brother/nephew/cousin (in other word he is our admins favorite lmao) Kem Hussawee and Thisa Varitthisa tells a story about a man who disguises himself as his twin brother to found out about his mysterious death. Our nang’ek, Dao (Thisa) is practically living a not-so-peaceful life either, after she found out that her aunt is having an affair with one of the company’s employee Siwat (Kem). But after Siwat’s death, Korn (also Kem) his twin brother decided to infiltrate the company to found out about his mysterious death. Korn is not exactly having it good either, after the exhausting searching for justice/revenge that literally turn his world upside down, he finally found his peace with Dao but to become blind because the writer decided the story need a little more twist in the end, you know just to make it more dramatic. They already so busy with their own agenda to be a lovey dovey couple, but now you want to take his sight when he can finally spend time with Dao? Hell like we need more drama after all those dramas! All we need is our pra’ek and nang’ek live happily forever after, with every part of their bodies intact if possible.

As I’m writing this essay(?) lmao, I remember why I started watching drama. It was because I need an escape and a breather from all the burden in real life. I found happiness in watching our oppas/pra’eks fight for their love, and when they finally be with the girl they want, we feel the same joy.
After I watch the alternate ending of Game Rak Ao Keun, I comeback to MyDramalist to change my rating because finally they give our couple the justice they deserve. Then I saw the stat in my profile and realize that I mostly watch happy ending dramas. So maybe I don’t mind a sad ending but unconsciously I still choose a happy one. If I can get a happy ending for my dramas, why would I choose a sad one? Of course life is not always happy, we got ups and downs, but with all the tragedy that happens in real life, I don’t think we want dramas that we watch to end tragically too, right?

Written by Phanthittra.


  1. JJ J says:

    You are completely right!!!! Why do we need to watch sad endings if the real life is sad enough? Most of us watch dramas to have something more sweeter in our lives. 😀

    1. Patti Desert says:

      I totally agree. Another beef I have with dramas is the unpunished rapes and other abusive behaviors that happens along with the submissive FLs that the writers insist on keeping subservient and accepting of all the abuse throughout the dramas with the MLs who do the abuse never acknowledging their disgusting behaviors much more apologizing for them. I can enjoy dramas that tell a good story that includes abuse/rapes etc. as long as the perpetrator explicitly recognizes his awful behavior, suffers relevant consequences, apologizes, and makes amends.

  2. Markks91 says:

    Where i can watch the second ending with english sub

    1. Sornsuer says:

      Click on the title, it will link to our blog, and link to Neko page. Or you can go directly to Neko Meow Meow page.

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