Comedy Friendship Lakorn/Completed Romance Series

Girl Next Room: Midnight Fantasy (2020)


Other series: Motorbike Baby / Midnight Fantasy / Richy Rich / Security Love

Four girls named Duchess, Sundae, Mimi and View Viva live in a dormitory that is owned by Mrs Jam and her son Sky. One strict rule is that no boys are allowed in the dormitory. However, four love stories happen inside this dorm.

Next up we have: Mimi from the story “Midnight Fantasy, a beautiful girl, scared from the world and for the first time was away from home, meet a young DJ who is ready to be friends with Mimi every night. With Mimi not knowing that the young DJ she is happy with is a classmate she hates, like Mr Tham, who has a nickname for her innocent personality. (Source: Lakorn Galaxy)


  1. Where is the link to watch the eps??

    1. Sornsuer says:

      Click on the image or the name below the image.

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