Chinese Drama Comedy Drama Friendship Genre Trope - Rich Guy/Poor Girl Romance

Forget You Remember Love (2020) / 忘记你,记得爱情


Other Versions: Thai (2021) ~ Taiwan (2005) ~ China (2020)

A story between an ordinary girl who rescues a downtrodden CEO that has lost his memories, thus beginning a dreamy fairy tale. Shan Junhao is the CEO of Senwell. He’s a hard-hitting leader who never takes half measures to achieve what he wants. His encounter with Ye Qianyu is not a pleasant one as he has mandated the closure of the Guanmei Inn, a place that Ye Qianyu holds dear. When Shan Junhao gets into an accident and wakes up with no memories of the past, Ye Qianyu takes him in and gives him a fake identity. They grow closer through their time together even though she knows that one day, he is bound to leave. (Source:

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