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Fah Tan Tawan (2022) / Friend to Enemy


Veha and Tawan were close friends until they both fell in love with Nitan. Tawan was angry that Veha betrayed him by secretly dating Nitan, while Veha was also angry with Tawan because he thought that he was the cause of his mother’s death. After losing his mother, Veha was forced by Nitan’s father to break up with his daughter. He runs away hoping to lead a peaceful life alone but accidentally saves Mr. Ken from being assassinated. Mr. Ken took him as an adopted son and let him be the president of his company. Veha returns to meet Tawan again this time where both have equal social status. They both had a compete for unity in terms of both business and love. (Source: Viu)

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  1. Bozena says:

    Hi I need your help. I can’t open episode # 8.

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      It’s fixed. Thanks.

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  3. Links are not working for episode 17 and 18th

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      Delete history browser.

  4. Why i can’t open any episode

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