Equality for Women (A Glimpse of ‘Last Madame’ drama)

Hello all. I am a person who really cares about gender equality especially for women. I tend to watch drama which will enhance or make women have those power to dictate their own life.

Until nearly end of last year, I saw a trailer of one of my favorite Singapore actress which is Joanne Peh. She will be acting as the main lead in this Singapore first mature theme drama in English. The title is ‘Last Madame’. I knew along that she had eloquent English. This will be a very challenging role on her career.

Joanne Peh as Madame Fung Lan, owner of House of Phoenix/ FungWong Kok

The story revolves around present and in between early 1940s (for the flashback). Chi Ling who will intend to sell the house left by her great grandmother found out the colorful past of that place.

Chi Ling (Fiona Fussi) found out about her great grandmother past.

The plot itself unveils the determination of Madame Fung Lan of being a fighter for the equal rights of women. I like how Joanne Peh carries herself as a powerful and sarcastic mama-san. Even the British officials frequents her premise for the service.

Madame Fung Lan on giving a lesson to the new girl.

Things getting complicated when Madame Fung Lan was suspected for the murder case at Chinatown. The story grew darker and how is the fate of House of Phoenix? What will Madame Fung Lan will do to fight for the survival?

It’s quite balance with the past and present times (personally I feel I prefer the past). I am thrilled to know that one of the side character (actress Amanda Ang as Sor Fan) had received awards on New York Festivals TV & Films Awards year 2020.


Watch it at http://lakorngalaxy.com/last-madame-2019/

Do left your comment after watching this show at below.

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9 months ago

the link doesn’t work ;(

9 months ago
Reply to  Buttercup

Fixed. 🙂