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Insee Daeng

A mysterious man named Red Eagle, who enforces vigilante justice. A beautiful girl, seductive, who adheres to goodness but hates those who abuse power. A talented young police officer, full of principle and defender of justice. When an evil organization plots to destroy lives, they must join forces to wipe out the villains. 
… 3 heroes, different ideologies, but with the same goal, are out to eliminate criminal organizations and protect the people. (Source: LakornGalaxy)


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  1. Yuliya says:

    Could you don’t stop the translation, please. I am begging you.

  2. Yuliya says:

    I suffer a lot without The Red Mask. If you know that, you wouldn’t be so cruel to me. I hope I don’t have waiting forever, otherwise I’ll die of curiosity. My dears, don’t give up this project. Please!!!

  3. Yuliya says:

    Hi there. It’s me again. I see that there is three subbers who translate this lakorn. Do not any of you really want to finish it? How can you start and then stop it indefinitely? I’m just wondering if you have more interesting projects to translate? Or did all the subbers get sick at the same time? I don’t believe that you all dislike this lakorn. Oliver Bever is a cool and mod producer. He is my favorite one. Not only me who wants to see this lakorn, there are many people who are waiting for your work also. I appeal to you on their behalf, please, back to this project. I hope I have not offended anyone. Sorry for my impatience.

    1. Sornsuer says:

      We are waiting for the sub just like you. The subbers said they will continue, so hopefully soon. 🙂

  4. Vincent says:

    When is the rest going to be out if you have a website I can find that will be great if not then when is it taking so long

    1. Sornsuer says:

      Soon we hope. 🙂

  5. Vincent says:

    Okay then I hope it comes soon notify me when it’s out

    1. Sornsuer says:

      Follow our FB page for further update.

  6. Djhoana Lou Natividad says:

    when will you continue to sub this drama.. i’m waiting for the rest of the episodes with english subtitle.. i hope it will be soon..

    1. Admin says:

      Whenever the subber is free tu sub and post. PLEASE, DO NOT DEMAND subs, if you can’t wait patiently, watch it RAW.

  7. Amilia Candrasari says:

    Please don’t stop subbing this lakorn 🙁 I’m begging you ????

  8. Yuliya says:

    I’m crying all time without this drama. And don’t speek me, that I’m not patient. I wait soooo long. :((

    1. Admin says:

      Well, you have to options: 1.- Wait patienlty OR watch it with no subs, you can go ahead and watch it, no one is stopping you, IF you say you can’t cuz you need the subs, then you will have to wait. Complaining won’t make it get subbed any faster.

  9. Please???? am beg you subtitles english all the episodes ????❤️

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