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Duang Baeb Nee Mai Mee Ju (2020) / My Precious Bad Luck


Luckkana or Lucky is the daughter of Ingbun who thinks Lucky has taken away all her luck. Meanwhile, Lucky’s younger sister, Poonlarp or Great, is the breadwinner of the family. Lucky is extremely superstitious and believes in almost everything. Lucky always wears her clothes according to her daily horoscope. Aunt Mon, a fortune-teller respected by Lucky and Ingbun, has become Lucky’s “personal advisor”. Lucky reluctantly goes to work although she encountersa bad omen (a home lizard making noise). When Lucky gets into an accident, a handsome man comes to her aid. But Lucky’s fateful encounter is short-lived as she realizes who that man is. He is Chokebodee or Choke, her former boyfriend who was fat and nerdy, and she was the one who dumped him. (Source: Viu)


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