Comedy Drama Genre Trope - LGBT Romance

Club Friday The Series 5: Kwarm Lub Kong Mint Gup Mew / Secret of Mint and Mew (2014)


Sequel: Club Friday To Be Continued: Mint and Mew (2015)

Club Friday The Series 5 List

S1 ~ S2 ~ S3 ~ S4 ~ S6 ~ S7 ~ S8 ~ S9 ~ S10 ~ S11 ~ S12 ~ S13

A new neighbor moves into a house near Mew’s. Mew sees him and falls in love. He tries to find out about him. One day, Mew and his friend, Mee, go to a gym waiting to meet this new neighbor. (Source: VIU)

EP01 ~ EP02 ~ EP03 ~ EP04end.

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