Chinese Drama Comedy Historical Romance

Believe In Love (2022 / 花间新娘


Lu Yue Er is a cute 17-year-old city girl who is hard-working, courageous, and kind. She is also optimistic, responsible, and easy-going. Yue Er has strong principles, for which she isn’t afraid to suffer for, and is as tenacious as ‘wild grass’. Hua Yi Nan is the handsome 20-year-old Lord of Huajian. While popular among the people, he has a hidden dark side. On a small island with good food and civilization, the owner of a noodle restaurant, Lu Yue Er, has been oppressed by her stepmother since she was a child, but she still maintains a positive and optimistic attitude and treats others kindly. Due to family reasons and the pursuit of Hua Yi Nan, the owner of Hua Jian Island, she was confused and married Hua Yi Nan. But she didn’t expect that Hua Yi Nan, who had been chasing after her, actually had a strong purpose: the will of his parents was that Hua Yi Nan had to marry Lu Yue Er before inheriting the island. After learning that she had been used by Hua Yi Nan, Lu Yue Er chose to believe in Hua Yi Nan and continue to live with him. In the end, with the help of others, Hua Yi Nan finally knew that the person he loved was Lu Yue Er. (Source: Baike Baidu)

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