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Back From The Brink (2023) / 护心


[Back from the Brink 护心] Based on the novel of the same name by Jiulu Feixiang, twenty years ago, Tianyao’s bones and tendons were torn out by his lover Suying, the Sect Leader of the Guanghan Sect. She sealed various parts of his body away with the powers of the five elements. By chance, Tianyao’s soul escaped the seal ten years ago.

He knew that his dragon bone was sealed in the lake of a certain village, so he took over the body of a boy who had just died and waited for an opportunity to retrieve the dragon bone. The appearance of Yanhui brings him hope. It turns out that Yanhui has a dragon scale protecting her heart, which means that she has dragon blood inside her, which can help Tianyao break the seal. Tianyao begins to make use of Yanhui to look for his other body parts. Yanhui tries to escape, but instead of getting away, she gets closers and closer to Tianyao.

Tianyao is also touched by Yanhui, who has risked her life several times to protect him. As more and more of their past come to light, Yanhui discovers the unbreakable bond between her and Tianyao. The origin of the dragon scale protecting her heart, the relationship between her master, Lingxiao and Suying… She finds herself embroiled in more and more mysteries. (Source: Youku)

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