Comedy Drama Lakorn/Completed Lakorn/No EngSubs Romance Supernatural

Baan Nee Pee Mai Pop (2015) / There Is No Orge Spirit In This Home

Channel 3 (Raw)

Baan Pong Bpop is well-known about ghost, but for preparation a place for Teacher Chawaeng and other student group in project. After four of them get off a train, and change a bus for going Baan Pong Bpop, but a bus send them to Baan Pong Bpop. Because it has no street to it.

Fern and Fuk a niece of grandma Faeng go through a cemetery for catching a frog. Both of they unexpected hear a plan of Ratuay a son of headman Ratuek who have power in here. He plan with Foon and Rin his subordinate that he will force Fern. So Fern pretend to be a ghost for haunting Ratuay and his subordinate, but she also meet real ghost, and run away too. Both of Ratuay and Fern are running away from ghost, and hit with Pol group. Four of them misunderstand that Fern is ghost, so they run to a cemetery, and be haunted by real ghost.

It has disorder happening that everyone run away from ghost, and all of them pass out in front of cemetery. When they wake up in morning, so they quickly go to monk Chiab’s place. Meanwhile, headman Ratuek also take Rarerng a daughter and Ratuay to sprinkle holy water, and Fern come to make merit. A monk Chiab order Fern to take Pol group to a place near graveyard. That make Pol and Ruk fall in love of Fern, but Fern dob’t be friendly for them. Rarerng fall in love of Pol that make Geegee hate her so much.

Headman Ratuek need Fern to be his mistress, so he plan a bad thing that make Faeng give fern to him. If she disallow with that. He will hold a farm which she mortgage. Fern don’t give in, so she make up everyone believe that Faeng is bpop. In that time, it always has rumor about ghost in graveyard, so people in village believe. Headman Ratuek can’t hold a farm of Faeng. Teacher Chawaeng and student group are haunted by ghost in the night that make all of them separate, and lost a way in graveyard.

When they can join together in morning, and start activities in agriculture development project. They advise people to use herb for chasing insect instead chemical. Pol try to close with Fern, but Fern don’t like him at all. Meanwhile, Rarerng fall in love of him, and act like to be possessing him that make Teacher Chawaeng don’t like her too. One day, someone see light go along farm to a house where have pregnancy women, and it has blood drop in morning. It makes people believe that Faeng is bpop. Headman Ratuek release a news, and find exorcist for driving Faeng out. Fern and Fuk pretend to be ghost for destroy a ceremony, and make exorcist run away. Fern is more worry about this, because bpop doing is clearer show everyday. Even if she know that Grand ma Faeng don’t be bpop.

One day, people can stand with this, and join with Rarerng’s setting on that make people jion together for firing house of Faeng. They need to chase Grand ma Faeng. It’s so lucky that Po, Ruk, and Moang can help Grand ma Faeng. Fern and Fuk can get out in time. After that all of them try to prove that Grand ma Faeng don’t be bpop. (Source: Sharerice)

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