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As One’s Heart Just Got a 3rd Heart

The Cast of Dung Duang Haruetai 2020

Have you watched the latest remake of Dung Duang Haruetai? The 3rd version of DDH or As One’s Heart just finish airing last week, and as someone who like the original version I can’t help but to watch the remake despite the fact that I don’t like Tik at all lmao.

So let me sum the story, Dung Duang Haruetai tell story about 3 fictional Kingdoms called Bandhurath, Kasit and Danta (since all 3 version have different romanisation, I’ll use the original one in this article). Kasit is surrounded by mountains, Danta is located by the sea so they rule the only sea route, while Bandhurath is located between both Kingdoms. When King of Kasik, King Rangsimun decided to married Princess of Danta, Princess Maneesara, news reach to Bandhurath as well making the Kingdom feel at disadvantage. But when Princess Maneesara on the way to Kasik, she run away and she met The Crown Prince of Bandhurath, Prince Dayutidhorn who decided to help her ditched the wedding. King Rangsimun got furious and decided to kidnap Princess of Bandhurath, Princess Darsika in return and that’s where all the shenanigans begin. Now let’s start the competitions.

The original version aired on 1996 and cast Noom and Nat as the main lead (King Rangsimun and Princess Darsika), and can we celebrate for a moment the fact that Khun Pie looks so beautiful as Queen Mother of Bandhurath? She’s one of the unforgettable characters from 1996 version for me. While the 2nd version which aired on 2007 cast Weir and Kwan as the lead, and the latest remake (unfortunately) got Tik and Kim as the lead. The lakorn mostly shot overseas, Nepal for 1996 version and Austria for 2020 version, 2007 is the only version that shot everything in Thai. The latest version got the best scenery and setting, as the Palace for all 3 countries all shots in Austria, it all got beautiful surroundings and decorations, while the 1996 mostly used Nepal as Kasit, the beautiful Himalaya Mountains surrounding it become a plus point.

Rangsimun with his guards, Benlee and Rajit in 1996 ver

The 3 version basically have the same storyline, Rangsimun fall in love with Darsika though she hate him, and the whole drama basically showed him trying to win her heart while preventing the 3 Kingdoms goes into war. Though the 2007 version put a little twist into it, with evil father-daughter combo (Rangsimun’s uncle and cousin) who try to overthrow Rangsimun also his cousin try to kill Darsika because she like Rangsimun too (what a mess lol). And the 2020 version actually the mix of 1996 and 2007 version. They included the evil cousin (but no evil uncle) also other details such as Maneesara’s evil step sister and the singing King (I still don’t know why the hell they feel the need to include Weir and Tik’s singing since they both didn’t sounds good). But too bad the 2007 and 2020 version didn’t have good bromance between Rangsimun and his 2 guards, Rajit and Benlee. the original version show their deeper bond more than King and Guards, they were like brothers who can finish each other sentences. Especially in the 2020 version where every conversation ends with Tik’s yelling to both his guards lol.

From acting point of view, the best still goes to 1996 version, though at that time the cast were still young I feel their acting were on point with their characters, but not for 2007 I guess? Weir and co still in the timeline where they’re developing their skill so even Weir’s laugh looks awkward at that time. And for the 2020 version…why the hell they cast Tik? He’s past his prime, and his acting looks so bad compare to Kim (her acting was so good) also the fact that they look like father and daughter instead of lovers? Trust me, the whole world is agree.

For the customs, well you can’t defeat time I mean the 2020 version got better customs (though I didn’t like Tik’s eyeliner and earrings), but considering how old the original version is I think they did pretty well too. But the 2007 version go for a simpler choice, or bluntly say it looks cheap? I’m sorry but it looks like they didn’t give more effort to look for better customs. The cheap color looking dress, the makeup and hairdo looks so half-hearted or you can say it looks so 2007. Even though the original version aired long before it but their makeup and hairdo looks natural.

In the original version, since Kasik surrounded by mountains, and seems like its winter most of the time, the weather is cold so they mostly wear long coats, leather and fur jacket. Bandhurath and Danta didn’t particularly had special clothes but Bandhurath clothes looks more like English Royalty, while Danta fancies laces, they used gold laces in most of their customs. And Kasik’s go for simpler color clothes, they mostly wear black, white (for the royals) or dull tone color, but Bandhurath and Danta wear more bright color clothes like blue for Bandhurath and Green for Danta. Also all 3 Kingdoms wear hair pieces though mostly its only turbans but they wear it differently, Kasik wear it more loosely while Bandhurath turban’s seems more taller than Danta. I particularly like Kasik’s hair piece, they wear various hair piece more than the other 2 Kingdoms. In the 2020 version though they follow most of the original version’s clothes like the way Kasik wear black or white, the winter clothes, Danta with their laces, also the turbans, some of the clothes are more varied and colorful (and wider lol).

As you read my article you might probably already guess which one is the best and worst version for me lol. The best still goes to the original version, which basically have a perfect balance of storyline, acting, and customs (though the quality of the videos didn’t really do them any justice hence the blurry screenshots) and the worst goes to the 2007 with green actors, half hearted custom and unnecessary plot twist, its just like another half ass production that didn’t have any rewatch value.

What about you guys? What do you think about this 3 lakorns, which one is best and which one is worst for you? Let’s discuss, leave a comment!

Written by Phanthittra.


  1. I watched the 2020 version and was surprised at how much I truly loved the show. I never saw the 2007 version it had no appeal to me. The original will always be my favorite but I liked the themes brought out in this latest version including the changing of the ending that fit this version in ways it would not have in the first.
    I found that while Tik is still not at his best, he did a solid job. I don’t get hung up on what an actor should be but more so what they do in this role. And he did well. I did wonder why Kim wasn’t cast with someone of comparable age, but Show depicted the characters several years apart in age in this version, while I’m the original they were closer. I feel in both it worked to reflect maturity, priority, standing and compatibility.
    Very glad they made this version and will be posting about on my IG soon!

    1. Phanthittra says:

      Yeah, they should’ve choose a younger actor for Kim. A lot of people agree that Pop should’ve be King Rangsimun instead lol. Nevertheless Tik’s did his best, though I still not fond of his acting. Let’s hope he got better project in the future!

  2. Melanie Denby says:

    I have not seen version 1 and 2 but I loved the costumes in version 3. I agree Tik was wrong for the part of Rangsimun. He was very wooden and his voice was creepy. Who could have done it better? Anyone really. I felt that Kimmy was the best actress in this roll…she fit the part well. The one thing I didnt like was the dialogue…too few lines…too long silent pauses before next scene…it could have had a better script. The fact that Rangsiman’s cousin suddenly change to being the head nun after joining the convent life…was laughable. Maniseela really iritated me…that romance didnt gel for me at all.. But I did love watching Kimmy, her dresses and her good acting. Oh and that song was so irritating I zoomed past it. I loved the scenery…I was enchanted by the snow and the landscapes even though some were CGI. I think the crew worked really hard in such cold conditions. I loved the nanies with their big bussles and chubby bodies…I guess under the costumes were central heating packs to keep them warm. Very cute

    Would I watch it again…no…..but I would watch the behind the scenes videos to see how they did things.

    1. Phanthittra says:

      I couldn’t agree more, the best part in 2020 version is Kim and the customs. A lot of people praise the customs and the fact they go as far as Austria to shoot this showed they’re dedicated. Though it’s not just in this lakorn, I found a lot of lakorns used too many unnecessary long silent pause so I’m not really annoyed by that anymore lol.

  3. I really disliked the new version so much that I did not finish watching, and casting was not right,costume was too overdone, they should have worked on story line,it was too boring and Kim was too passive. I liked the old version,but now I cannot re-watch it anywhere. And as the guy was too old, and not wild enough for the ruler of Gasik.

    1. Sornsuer says:

      If you read the entire article, the link to the old version was right below there. Happy watching!

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