Action Comedy Drama Fantasy Genre Trope - Past Life/Reincarnation Historical Lakorn/Completed Lakorn/No EngSubs Romance

Amaraetalai (2006)

Channel 3

Tatape is a cop investigating mysterious, unexplainable murders and disappearances happening to the men in his city. Meanwhile, he is strangely connected to a woman behind the user name Lotus because they have been sharing their opinions about books they’ve read in a forum online. One day, Tatape wants to meet Lotus so they arrange a time to meet. But, to be careful, Bua, who went under the username Lotus, asks her friend to take her place while she sits at a distance to see Tatape. Being disappointed that he didn’t get to meet her, he leaves his card with her friend. Later he follows Bua into a bookstore, because he wanted to see how she looks like. That night, she calls him and they begin to build a friendship. This is a story about past lovers reuniting in the present time.

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