We’re aware that there are many people who are frustrated about the amount of ads that we have on our website.

We’ve been paying for the server from our own pockets to keep the blog running since the beginning. We started having ads to avoid spending our own money. It’s quite expensive to run a website with almost 3000 pages & over 7000 photos.

There is a lot of unpaid work that goes on behind the scene that we don’t mention, such as editing the videos, pictures, descriptions, and links. We’re not profiting off the ads on our site at all – the ads we have actually do not come close to generating enough to keep our website running. We also don’t want to have you viewers paying any fees to watch the videos. We just want to share our love for lakorns with the world, as we know it can be difficult to find English subtitles.

One solution to eliminating ads is to start a volunteer donation link. We want to emphasize that this is voluntary, our website and videos will still completely be free. This would allow people to donate any amount to help to keep the server running so that everyone can watch for free and not deal with ads.



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