Action Comedy Drama Lakorn/No EngSubs

Yeuy Fah Tah Din (2008) / The Death Breaker

Channel 7

Gawin, an enthusiastic cop from Crime Suspension Division is chasing after The Eagle Gang, a transnational drug dealer gang. He is seriously injured but is able to kill an important member of the gang, becoming a target himself. However, he has the determination to eliminate the gang in order to revenge his parents who were ruthlessly murdered when he was a teenager. Every time he is about to cross the boundary of death Gawin is able to miraculously survive. His secret is that he is able to see a dark shadow (the God of Death) every time someone is about to die. Tisha is an orphan girl living together with Niam, a shop owner across from the Crime Suspension Division. She has a sick brother named Natee. Natee has always dreamt of becoming a cop like his hero Gawin. Tisha secretly loves Gawin but won’t express her feelings because she knows that he already has a girlfriend named Duang Jai, a ballet teacher. Gawin also sees Tisha as a brother because she is fearless, bold and she is acting like a guy. (Source: MyDramaList)


  1. Drama says:

    is this not subbed?

    1. Sornsuer says:

      It’s under No eng sub. 🙂

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