Ubai Ai, Fuyu (2017) / 奪い愛、冬


Growing up, Hikaru Ikeuchi didn’t have a lot, but after years of hard work, she’s finally at a place where she feels both happy and fulfilled. Working at a design office in Tokyo, Hikaru has a good job and her fiance, Kota Okugawa, is everything a good man should be. With so much going right, Hikaru has a lifetime of happiness ahead of her, or so she would have if Shin hadn’t walked back into her life. Once the center of her entire universe, Shin Moriyama was the man Hikaru would have happily spent her entire life loving, if only she’d been given the chance. Breaking things off before they got that far, Shin walked out of her life, disappearing without a trace. Heartbroken, Hikaru spent years putting the pieces of her broken heart back together, happy to forget the man she once loved. But when Shin returns, all those old feelings come flooding back, stronger than ever.  Unable to ignore her long-suppressed feelings, Hikaru begins to pursue her old flame, completely undeterred by the fact that he’s now married to an over-possessive woman named Ran Moriyama. Driven mad by their lovers current actions, both Ran and Kota are consumed by jealousy; Kota sinking into a dark world and desperate place as he watches his finance’s affections slip away. Caught up in a tangled web of passion and jealousy, will these four passionate souls find a way to live happily ever after or will their selfish desires lead them all to utter ruin? (Source: VIKI)

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