Salak Jit (2016)


Salak Jit is a younger who was sent to live with her grandfather after her father passed away. Her grandfather was angry at her father, so he was cold towards Salak Jit. Moreover, everyone in the family was mean to her except for Pong. Salak Jit soon formed a bond with a man named Chai Diew. However, soon after, Chai Diew had to go work in another country and left Salak Jit, who was quite lonely, her whole family was mean to her, and her jealous cousins were also bullying her. Years passed and Chai Diew comes back to find a matured Salak Jit. From then on, romance starts and problems are created when Salak Jit has to get engaged… (Source: MDL)

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Rahnuma Nurain
Rahnuma Nurain
1 month ago

Can anyone plz sub this lakorn… 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

1 month ago

hello, I was wondering how can I watch this with sub? It sends me to youtube but there is not subtitle and I have the annotations on but it still shows nothing.