Plerng Rissaya (2019)

Channel 8

Kaeo , a poor young girl with a grandmother addicted to gambling. Her mom is in jail because of the murder case of her stepfather, who tried to rape her.  Kaew has a good close friend who secretly fell in love with her since school age. Kaew meet Phum, a young businessman when Kaew was a waiter at an ice cream parlor. But Kaew mistakenly thinks that Phum has a family.

          Mimi or Mirin is a high-class girl who graduates from a foreign country with a rich boyfriend. Mirin becomes Kaew’s best friend and helping Kaew in all matters. Kaew started to get a better society life and she will do whatever it takes to defeat Mirin, even snatch the lover from Mirin

But when her dream is not the dream she wants, and the person she loved the most had no heart for her. What does Kaew do for the person she loves to turn back to love her? (Source: LakornGalaxy)

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