Nuay Lub Salub Love (2019) / Secret Love Squad

EP 1-9 subbed by Lakorn Luv ~ EP 10-11 by CatAttack

Inspector Chanathip has to go undercover to investigate a drug dealer gang disguised as the manager of superstar Nubdao, after she got shot by someone for being in possession of a memory card that has a client list of an International Drug Dealer Organization. Chanathip must pretend to be gay, and take care of Nubdao who is dirty and lazy. At first, they’re always fighting because she dislikes him, but they eventually start falling for each other. That’s just the beginning of their chaotic relationship… (Source: MyDramaList)

EP01 to EP08 ~ EP09 subbed by Lakorn Luv

EP10 to EP11-end. Watch at CatAttack site

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2 months ago

Howdy, thank you so much for all your hard work. I love Thai dramas and began watching them 2 years ago. I must have finished over 150 by now if not more. I wanted to ask if you have any plans to translate the drama Plerng Prissana? Or do you know or anyone else know of any other place this is subbed or any other subber on this site who might be planning a translation ? Thanks again and hope you are all doing well.

2 months ago
Reply to  Patti

That lakorn hasn’t gotten the interest of any subber.