Chinese Drama Comedy Drama Genre Trope - Rich Guy/Poor Girl Romance

You Are My Destiny (Fated to Love You) [2020] / 你是我的命中注定


Other adaptation: Japanese ~ Korean ~ Taiwan ~ Chinese ~ Thai

The fledgling art editor Chen Jiaxin and the elite-educated enterprise heir Wang Xiyi meet by chance on a cruise ship bound for Hungary. They fall in love and quickly get married. Shortly after marriage, Chen Jiaxin gets pregnant, determined to give up work and devote herself to the family. But unfortunately she has an accidental abortion. She left sadly and went to Hungary to study. After a series of hardships, she eventually grows into a cutting-edge potter with the help of friends. Wang Xiyi, who loses his lover, realizes the family and career responsibilities that a mature man should bear during the seven-year waiting. He reunites with Chen Jiaxin by chance in Hungary, and is forgiven in the end. They work hand in hand to conquer the difficulties of life and grow together. (Source: WTV.VIP)

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