Chinese Drama Fantasy Romance Wuxia

Till The End Of The Moon (2023) / 长月烬明


In order to save the world tortured by the rule of the demon god Tantai Jin, Li Susu, the daughter of the head of the Hengyang Sect, made a desperate move and went back to 500 years ago, incarnated as Ye Xiwu, the youngest daughter of the Ye family, to prevent Tantai Jin, the proton of Jingguo who had not been completely corrupted by evil thoughts at that time, from becoming a demon god.

Unexpectedly, Tantai Jin turned out to be Ye Xiwu’s husband, and the two gradually developed feelings for each other. In the end, Li Susu proved the Tao with his own body, changing the fate of Tantai Jin and the world. After losing his love, Tantai Jin searched for Li Susu’s primordial spirit by the Nether River for five hundred years.

When he was on the verge of death, he was rescued by the immortal sect and became a disciple of the immortal sect. Li Susu met again. Just when the two were reunited, Tantai Jin’s devil body still attracted criticism and covetousness, and the Three Realms were once again in danger. Facing a cruel fate, the two lovers were misunderstood many times, and they finally connected with each other. One became a god and the other became a demon. Together, they turned the world around and prevented the crisis of extinction. (Source: Youku)

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