The Way We Love (2019) / 男神時代

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Once the manager of a successful bookstore, Min Tien Ai had everything in life going for her; but when an economic recession hit, her world crumbled apart around her. With very little money coming in, Min Tien Ai  had no choice but to close her beloved store for good. Now jobless, she faced the daunting task of finding work elsewhere. As luck would have it, Tien Ai was able to find work as the editor of a publishing company. Excited about the new possibilities before her, she was eager to take on her first assignment: publish the newest novel from best-selling author, Liu Wan Biao. There’s just one problem, Wan Biao has lost his passion to write.  With a deadline looming before her and her job on the line, Tien Ai is forced to enter into a battle of wits with the writer, drawing out the things that have him blocked while inspiring him to move forward. Though the job isn’t easy, it’s worth the effort as fate seems to have more in store for this unlikely pair than either of them could have ever imagined. (Source: VIKI)

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