Action Chinese Drama Historical Romance Wuxia

The Only Girl You Haven’t Seen (2022) / 独女君未见 第一季

YoYo (Season 1 and 2)

A Qi, the daughter of the prime minister of Yan State, was framed by the third prince He Lian Chen and was murdered. After A Qi died, her body was thrown into the lake, but strangely Ah Qi did not die. When she opened her eyes again, she found that her appearance and identity had become Leng Li, the daughter of General Leng Shao of Yanguo. Before A Qi, who had become Leng Li, had recovered, she was married to the mansion of He Lian Xuan, the fifth prince of the Yan Kingdom. Although He Lian Xuan looked a little honest, he was loyal and kind, and he was even more towards Leng Li. Gentle. In the days of getting along with He Lian Xuan day and night, Leng Li gradually fell in love with this “silly prince”. The lives of Leng Li and He Lian Xuan were shaken by sudden changes again and again. The two could only face difficulties and dangers together. The sharing of joys and sorrows made their hearts closer, but Leng Li also discovered He Lian Xuan. The unknown side behind Lian Xuan. (Source:

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