Ruk Laek Pop (2020) / The Passbook

A modern day reckless influencer gets transported back into the past where he meets his look-alike great grandfather. To somehow get back to the present, he needs his great grandfather’s help. Matters get chaotic when he gets involved in his great grandfather’s love life. If he alters who his great grandmother is he would cease to exist. What valuable lessons will he learn and how will he return to the present? (Source: MyDramaList)

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Kirtania Doorasamy
Kirtania Doorasamy
1 year ago

Thank you for the amazing work you have done.

1 year ago

I really love this lakorn.. the story is very nice.. theres no slap or rape just to make the acting good.. its natural story that makes you love their acting ..and the storyline is great..i cried on episode 27 while wan reading the notebook or diary of Pete that he left during his stay in the Past.. the writer and the cast did a great work for this..i rate it 10.. the you dor the subbers and uploaders to make this possible for other countries who cant understand thai but love to watch..