Rom Com no Okite: Kojirase Joshi to Toshishita Danshi (2021) / Romantic Comedy’s Rule: Kojirase Girls and Younger Boys / ラブコメの掟~こじらせ女子と年下男子~

Blitz Fansub

Kujo Ruri is a 34-year old manager at an electronic shojo manga publishing company. On the surface, she’s perfect in every way but at home, it turns out she’s a manga otaku who can’t cook or clean, and has no experience at love! One day, one of her coworkers, Mamiya Ryo, approaches her and asks for relationship guidance. Ruri knows she’s bitten off more than she can chew, but she doesn’t want to blow her “Perfect Woman” cover so she begrudgingly accepts… (Source: Blitz Fansub)

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