On-Lie Game (2020) / 迷網


Technology Crime Division Senior Inspector Sze To Chong, better known as “Sunny” is a dedicated police officer. They solve various phone, Internet and technology fraud cases.He lives with his parents and younger brother.He still has lingering feelings for his ex-girlfriend Vincy who left him 3 years ago. A chance meeting brings Vincy back to Sunny’s life. He also gets a new team member Inspector Siu Mei Ting aka “Denise” of whom he does not have the best first impression of. Sunny’s father is the chairman of the neighborhood committee and is pursuing his re-election with support of his wife, Sister 88, who is a retired police officer. But friend turned foe of Sister 88 is obstructing their plans and want to runs for chairman herself. When many Sunny’s friends and neighbors are increasingly targeted by online scammers, Sunny and Denise work side by side to bring these fraudsters to justice even if they are in another country. (Source: Mydramalist, Casualtvb)

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