Marry Me! (2020) / マリーミー!

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To solve contemporary social problems involving NEET (unemployed young adults), low birth rate, aging population, and other issues, the NEET protection program is created. The NEET protection program pairs a single working person and a single NEET person to marry. Himari Sawamoto (Rinka Kumada) and Shin Akiyasu (Toshiki Seto) are selected to take part in the experimental program. Himari Sawamoto is a 21-year-old NEET. After she graduated from middle school, she devoted herself solely to taking care of her grandparents who raised her. Her grandparents have now passed away. She doesn’t have other family members and she does not have any dating experience. Besides her old cat Momotaro, she is alone. Meanwhile, Shin Akiyasu is 28-years-old. He is an elite public officer for the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. He has dating experience, but he has zero desire to marry. He accepts to take part in the experimental program, because he wants to become successful at his job. Due to the NEET protection program, Himari Sawamoto and Shin Akiyasu marry and begin their marriage life without having romantic feelings. Based on webcomic “Marry Me!” by Miku Yuki (published from 2015 to 2019 via LINE). (Source: aoinousagi)

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