10 Years Ticket

Midnight Series: Dirty Laundry

Cutie Pie 2

Club Friday 3 of us

Fallen Rainbow

Till The World Ends

My Sassy Princess Snow White

Call It What You Want

My Secret Love

Miracle Of Love

Midnight Motel

Remember Me

Hard Love Mission

Yakuza Lover

Our Promise

You Are My Makeup Artist

Cool Angel Wings

Why You... Y Me?

Catch Me Baby

The Kinnaree Conspiracy

Friend To Enemy

The Three Gentlebros

Love Of Secret

To Sir With Love

The Root

Lipgloss Spy

Big Dragon

Club Friday 7 Year Itch

Ghost Host Ghost House

Work From Heart

Trouble Souls

Sassy Princess Cinderella

The Eclipse

Innocent Lies

Certificate Love

Superstar 2007

Bad Guys

Tie Me Knot

Magic Of Zero

Vice Versa

Love You My Arrogance 2

When the sky falls

My Dear Donovan

Flash Wedding

My Queen

P.S. I Hate You

Thai Cave Rescue

Bad Romeo

Husband in Disguise

School Tales The Series

Club Friday Love and Belief

Good Old Days

Unforgotten Night

The Lost Soul

Deadly Affair

Mama Go Go

Divided Heart

Sing Again

Cloud Nine

My Lovely Bodyguard

The Giver

Meow Ears Up


Club Friday Broken Anniversary

Oops! Mr. Superstar Hit On Me

Sky In Your Heart

A Tale Of Ylang Ylang

My Coach

My Friend The Enemy

Ratree Luang

Hong Nuer Mungkorn

Kinn Porsche


My Romance From Far Away

Mafia Guns and Freaks

Devil Sister

Dear Doctor, I'm Coming For Soul

Revenge From The Past

Krong Nampueng

Flower Of Lust

Game Prattana

Cupid's Last Wish

Close Friend 2

The Curse of Saree


  1. Lee Yang says:

    Thank you. I love this website. I didn’t think there was anything wring with the original but like how you guys sorted the website so that you May read whatever categories you wanted. I like how you guys went to discuss and name all the other subbers, though I’ve always followed them all in the past already. You guys centralized it all where this site has all the resources you need…..for that, thank you. I had to leave the other Thai lakorn pages bc I just got tired of seeing the trolling and arguing with folks who just didn’t care. I literally had to leave social media for almost a year due to arguing with dumb folks. Thank you Lakorn Galaxy.

  2. thanks a lot …ur awesome !!!

  3. Maipa Lo says:

    Yay, Thank you!!! Appreciate your hard work! ????

  4. K Varsha says:

    Thank god the website started working, thank you for that????

  5. G Lim says:

    Thank you so much.

  6. Linda says:

    AWESOME website! Thank you for all your hard work! Wouldn’t know how to spend my time without your subbed lakorns!!!

  7. Ushasi says:

    This is wonderful, so many lakorns with links to the original subbers. Thank you for this mega entertainment feast????

  8. The new blog is just as good as the old one. This background colour makes reading better for my old and tired eyes but I miss the galaxies and blue colour.

  9. Jannelyn says:

    Really really appreciate….????????????
    Thank you..

  10. Mayela Mendez says:

    LOVE the new website

  11. Farah Samia says:

    Can you please tell me how I can watch the drama ‘luk krung’? It says password protected when I click the link

    1. Read the rules

  12. hi I am a fan of Thailand lakorn and i really wish if one of the movies entitled bangkok naruemit subbed cause it is really interesting but I cannot understand the language

  13. Dao “RARA” Nuer says:

    First time to visit your site….Thank you so much for creating a website full of beautiful Thai Lakorn with English Subtitles. It’s been very hard for me to look something like this. You made me very happy 😊

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