Lover or Stranger (2021) / 陌生的恋人

Youhug Media

Luo Qian Yi (Victoria Song) is a highly talented, young female violinist with the world seemingly at her feet. She is set to make a major splash on the classical music scene and is poised to marry her fiancé, a rich entrepreneur named Huo You Ze (Ou Hao). But the events of one fateful day throw all of this into the air. After a sudden downpour and an ensuing mudslide, she is rushed to a hospital. Her injuries leave her with severe amnesia.

When she attempts to work out what is going on, she discovers that a mysterious usurper who looks exactly like her appears to be on a quest to steal her identity – and rob her of what she believes is rightly hers. The affairs of Huo You Ze – and his true intentions – are also shrouded in secrets. Will Luo Qian Yi get to the bottom of this bizarre and potentially deadly web of deceit? (Source: Viki)

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