1. Jeinell says:

    Someone spank Tos, please.

  2. Fun to read your thoughts..I my opinion, …Nee was the main culprit, obsessing over a man to the point of forcing him to marry with false pretext of pregnancy..also I don’t understand how supposedly one night stands expect the partner to marry or take responsibility. I see this happening again and again in Thai lakorns. the girl willingly sleeps ( or pretends to sleep) with the guy and next morning throws a fuss over how the guy has to take responsibility ( and that too marriage and she starts saying that she is now a wife) ! why? that is why I still feel that initially Pong was justified in chasing after Bow, he was actually a victim of Nee’s obsession.

    I was shocked when Bow’s family cornered her to reconcile with Porsche, I felt that they , specially the Mom, betrayed her. they believe a stranger more than they believe their own daughter/ sister.

    One thing is for sure, Porsche and Now have done wonders with this drama…They performance was strong enough to make people not compare with Weir’s version. I for one, took this to be a new drama with an old story. And I have become quite an admirer of Porsche and New ????

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