Chinese Drama Comedy Romance

Cheat My Boss [2019) / 马卡龙少女


A fresh grad stays in the big city to pursue her dreams. The story follows her life as an internet star and as she hits a rut, she meets a corporate executive, thus starting a sweet romance between the two. Jiang Chu Chu is the owner of a small clothing company and an internet star. One day the clothes she modeled got damaged due to the undergarments she wore prompting her to give a bad review about the lingerie company online. Luo Tian Yi, is the CEO of lingerie company who takes note of this review which came at a critical point in business. A misunderstanding causes people to believe that Jiang Chu Chu is the girlfriend of Luo Tian Yi. Chu Chu comes to realize the extreme pressures beneath the facade of online fame. Her romance with Luo Tian Yi undergoes many trials due to the disparity in their backgrounds. An even bigger test arises in the international stage of lingerie fashion. Although success is uncertain, Chu Chu and her friends are willing to give their all. (Source:

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