Barb Rak Ta Lay Fun

Mind is trying to find a way to escape with her little sister, from her stepmother, who wants to sell her to provide sexual services to paying her gambling debts. Fugitives find shelter in the resort. There Mind meets Satra the resort’s owner and falls in love with him. Satra is also interested but was shocked when he found out that her father is the person responsible for his family’s tragedy. When Mind thinks that she is able to find the love of her dreams. Everything destroyed because of vengeance. Will it be very easy for him to betray her trust? what will happen between them? How will this revenge end? (Source: MyDramaList)

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Keeaushia Johnson
Keeaushia Johnson
1 year ago

bitter kisses stopped subbing, can you please subb

1 year ago

First, she hasn’t stopped, she’s just busy. Second, we are not subbers. Third, we don’t take requests.

11 months ago

Thank you bitterkiss for subbing this lakron appreciate your hard work 💐💐💐💖💖💖