Yord Cheewun (2000)

When Wut (Sathaporn) marries Sornnoy (Kapu), a country girl, he has to cut off from his mother, who is an old nobleman of the Sraiut Phisai family. Growing up in the midst of his father and mother’s glass kwan farm, one day Khunying Ya (Duun Them) ordered to summon Kwan. Granddaughter to meet Kwan had to separate from his parents to perform duties. Little Envoy Between the parents and the grandmother At Ban Sorrut Phisai Kwan was welcomed well by Uncle Watin. Aunt Prapaipan (Uthumporn), but Uncle Withan was disgusting Kwan, while Took (Angie), the younger brother, gave him love and affection. Can continue to follow in the balance

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