Tae Pang Korn (2017) / The Past Life

Ep 1-14 subbed by Aiyaja ; 15-21 subbed by CatAttack

Tae Pang Korn 2005 version ~ 2017 version

Rachawadee started her career as a teacher at a famous school, located near the remorse palace of the royal family. 
In the car, on the way from the main gates, she sees a handsome man dressed in a white suit watching her from behind the trees. Rachawadee felt strange as she looks into his eyes but ignored it. All the teachers at this school shared a dorm near the palace. The first-dayRachawadee slept in the teacher’s dorm she dreamed of the remorse palace. Someone was quietly calling out her name until she awoke. Eventually, she entered the royal family’s palace. On the wall to the left of the door, there was a portrait of a woman who looks like Rachawadee. She later discovers that the portrait was the painting of Jao Nang Noy, the bride of the owner of the palace.
Jao Nang Noy was a beautiful princess from the Kingdom of the Laos. Although she was a royal princess she did not acknowledge because she was not from the Royal Thai family. The prince, Than Chai was enchanted by Jao Nang Noy’s beauty and her beautiful heart. As an evidence of his love, Than Chai composes a beautiful song titled Lao Man Kaew and ask for Jao Nang Noy’s hand in marriage. Than Chai’s mother wanted him to marry a royal Thai Princess named Ying Thae instead. She hated that Jao Nang Noy was Laotian and not Thai. Upset, the Thai Princess and Queen sought after to find trouble for Jao Nang Noy. Dispite all the trouble Than Chai continued on with his wedding and built by the side of a lake a beautiful white palace as a gift to his Laotion wife. On the night of their wedding, happy to have been married the woman of his dreams, Than Chai walks in to find his new bride poisoned and her life quickly withering away. As he held her for the last time, Jao Nang Noy promised him she will always be his no matter how many lifetimes she has to live. After her death, Prince Than Chai grew sick and died with a broken heart, calling Jao Nang Noy’s name until his last breath.
Rachawadee meet the man she saw the first day she came in through the gate. He tells her of the story of the royal family and all their pain. Rachawadee later discovers the he was a ghost roaming the palace. But he wasn’t just any ordinary ghost, he was the ghost of Prince Than Chai, tormented and still waiting for his Jao Nang Noy to return. Rachawadee also discovers that she’s the reincarnation of Jao Nang Noy. (Source:MyDramaList)

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