Sompong Nong Somchai [2004] / Sompong, Somchai’s Brother


Lien and Lin are best friends who happen to get dumped on the same day. While they are out trying to console and comfort each other, Lien and Lin accidentally get rounded up and arrested with a group of prostitutes. As part of their release deal with the police, they have to go undercover to help investigate the recent murder of a Thai country music singer. However, the catch is that Lien and Lin have to go undercover as male dancers for the music company that represented the late singer. Bapoo happens to be a manager/producer for the company’s newest up and coming artist. Because they make such cute looking guys, Lien and Lin are ultimately hired for the new artist’s backup dance crew, against Bapoo’s wishes. And so, comedy ensues as Lin (the man) makes moves on the homophobic new artist and Lien and Bapoo go from friendship to “bro-mance” to full blown romance. All while Lien and Lin try to solve the case and fight off the advances of the female dancers. (Credit – Yaso)

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