Siang Euan Sateuan Dao (2019) / The Sound of Your Love


Dao, a girl from the countryside, dreams of becoming a singer while Klui, her lover, dreams of becoming a composer for Dao. Team, the son of a big records company, offers Dao and Klui a chance to chase their dreams. However, Dao has to encounter many obstacles – her father’s death, her stepmother and stepbrother’s exploitation, the attack from Heng, the local mafia, the envy of Yeewa and Rungtiwa, the other singers from the same label, as well as Lucy, who wants Dao to be the artist under her label. Meanwhile, Klui also faces a hard time since he is attacked by Heng until he loses his ability to speak. The situation worsens when he misunderstands that Dao fell in love with Team. Being disabled, Klui loses his confidence and decides to stay away from Dao, though he does not give up his dream of composing a song for her. Nevertheless, Klui does not know that Dao’s dream will never be completed without her lover’s presence. Will the couple surpass all the obstacles and reunite again? (Source: VCan)

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