Drama Horror Lakorn/Completed Lakorn/No EngSubs Romance

Sap Sang (2014)

Channel 8

Even the outside will look as a loving friend, but deep hide the despicable by tricky jealous bouquet because she is passionate. The best time to love the bouquet I love the bouquet and I have a project to study abroad. He would ask for a married bouquet, but tricky to know this tricky one to do something to Spike, with both Tai co-exist. Quietly planning to interrupt marriage by Tai to the birthday There are no alternatives to destroying the funeral. Tricky to make a decision to bury the bouquet after the theatre with fear, so he will consult the paternal father to find out the help. That part Upon completion of the Apapirom teacher’s funeral, his mother died suddenly decided to close a theater that no one has been inherited and went to study abroad in order to forget the bouquet that he understood, thought she was escaped. (Source :Dramakapook)

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