Samee Tee Tra (2001)

Subbed by swtannenat

Samee Tee Tra (2014)

Garat is a woman who seems to have bad luck with marriage and some even believe that she is jinxed. She has been married two times before and her third marriage is falling apart. She has a best friend named Pern. Her third husband dies from a car crash and Ann finds out that he has cheated on her on none other than her close friend Tanya and Tanya is pregnant with his child. Thus marking the end of their friendship.
With everything that is going on in her life she tries to kill herself but doesn’t succeed. Pisut lives with his divorced mother and his father is a person with a royal background. Pisut and Garat meet on several occasion by accident and in a way she is a very strong women because she pursues him. He is a person who is traditional and in a way afraid to approach a women.
As their relationship develops they fall in love and Pisut proposes to her. His mother doesn’t really want him to start a relationship with her because of her “jinx” but Pisut wants to be with her.  (Source: MyDramaList)

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2 years ago

All Samee Thee Thra is deleted. Only 1 part of first episode is watchable.

1 year ago

would like to see this because of Ann