Drama Fantasy Lakorn/Completed Lakorn/No EngSubs Romance

Saang Nang Praai (2019)

Channel 8 (Raw)

Maythawalai the only daughter of a Colonel is an archaeologist bent on finding the truth to the past. Maythawalai’s life has been destined from birth to unlock a painful truth. Her mother was guided to name her Maythawalai by a spirit named Maythawadee.

Maythawadee and Maythawalai were sisters many centuries ago. Both loved Pakhinai, a loyal soldier who dedicated his life to protecting them. Pakhinai’s heart belonged to Maythawalai. Maythawadee etched a plan to send her sister as an offering to another Kingdom. However, she went against a foretold fortune. This caused their kingdom to sink to be wiped from existence. Maythawadee would pay for her defiance by being trapped to the ship’s statue. She guards the treasures of the country and await for her long lost sister. Vegeance in her heart, Maythawadee will stop at nothing to punish Maythawalai for her sins. (Source: BitterKisses)

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saw tun
1 year ago

saang nang praai
maythawlai is beautiful woman and princess
i watch taat movie everything

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