Por Noo Phen Superstar

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Danthep is an entertainer, a dancer/singer/actor. Everything is going well for him. He’s dating Praifah, a supermodel and they are going to get engaged in a month. Everything is peachy until he receives a puzzling email from a young girl named Ida who is claiming to be the daughter he had with Kate, Danthep’s former girlfriend from his teenage years. Moreover, Ida intends to come to Thailand to see him. The email troubles Danthep, so he tells his personal assistant Pung that roughly 15 years ago, he might have gotten a girl pregnant one summer in Holland. That girl is Kate. Without finding out the truth, Kate’s mother lied to him and barred him from seeing Kate ever again. This is why he is not sure if Ida is his daughter or not. Regardless, he knows it could get messy if people knew the details of his relationship with Ida. It could cause a huge scandal…


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2 months ago

When can we watch poo phen superstar with eng subs?