Action Chinese Drama Comedy Drama Romance

Only Side by Side with You (2018) / 南方有乔木

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People make business decisions for all kinds of reasons. Nan Qiao has built her drone design business from the ground up and will give it her all to see it succeed. But when she learns that her fiancé has been cheating on her, she breaks up with him, and he withdraws all of his investment capital from her drone company. Nan Qiao goes to a high-end nightclub to meet with other potential investors. When she meets Shi Yue, the mysterious owner of the nightclub, he realizes that she may be the person who was responsible for his career downfall in the military. Shi Yue decides to invest in Nan Qiao’s company with the intention of ruining her. But when Shi Yue starts to develop feelings for Nan Qiao, will he be able to carry out his revenge plan? (Source: VIKI)

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