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Okitegami Kyoko no Biboroku (2015) / 掟上今日子の備忘録

Subbed by Candylemon at D-Addicts

Okitegami Kyōko is the cutest private detective in history and is also known as the “Forgetful Detective”. Whenever she falls asleep her memory resets and wipes all recollection of the day’s events, so whatever the case she must solve always solve it within a day! She uses a magic marker to write notes on her body of those things it is vital for her to remember. Kakushidate Yakusuke falls in love with Kyōko and may be the unluckiest man in history. Whenever incidents happen around him, he is always suspected and must rely on Kyōko’s detective skills to save him. Yet however close they get each time, by the next day Kyōko has completely forgotten him and will greet him as though it’s their first meeting. Even so, he tries hard to get her to remember him with the support of the staff of the Sandglass intermediary agency, Kizunai Hōrō, Narikawa Nuru and Makuma Makuru. Meanwhile Kyōko races to solve each case before she forgets all about it. (Source: MyDramalist)

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