Nine Kilometers Of Love (2019) / 九千米的爱情


aving a strong family background in the aviation industry, Lin Shu was gradually influenced by his father since a young age, to pursue a career as a professional pilot. In time he began to stand out among his colleagues, but the achievements he accomplished came after overcoming long trials with unfounded rumors, disappointment, constant envy and the daily competitions between his peers. Even the newcomer Chen Chen started to avoid him but after a while she started to warm up to him after she discovered the actual reason behind his cold demeanor. After a while, Lin Shu had a difficult time being true to his feelings and eventually gets separated with Chen Chen. A year later all the young cadets became full fledged pilots and learned to support each other at work and as well in life. Lin Shu unexpectedly meets Chen Chen again, and he decides to follow his heart one more time, in a responsible way. (Source: MyDramalist and WeTv)

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