Mahatsajan Ruk Karm Gradart (2019) / My Dear Warrior


Sky is a beautiful young astronomer who was raised by her aunt Waenda. Waenda gave Sky a new thick notebook and magical pen. Waenda is a writer who suffers from amnesia. Waenda’s work includes the cartoon, “Nak Rop Yord Ruk/Beloved Warrior.” Beloved warrior is about the struggle and feud between two family of warriors. Sky is obsessed and in love with Hochi, the main lead to Beloved Warrior. Hochi is a handsome, kind, smart, and talented. One day Sky writes her birthday wish into the notebook. Her wish was to meet and fall in love with a great man like Hochi. Her wish came true in an impossible way. Hochi along with his beautiful girlfriend Luna, and Hochi’s mortal enemy Cairo is taken from the cartoon and thrusted into Sky’s reality. Hochi and Cairo continues to fight over Luna. As the story unfolds, things become complicated and Sky finds herself in the middle of a love story she once only read in her aunt’s cartoon. (Source: Leelawadee/Lakorn Galaxy)

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