Luk Mai Klai Ton (2000) / Fruit Far From The It’s Tree

Rasa’s mother, Supa, is on her death bed. She reveals to her daughter that Rasa’s biological father is Supa’s old wealthy boss, Chalerm, who had raped Supa. She tells her he gave her a ring and for Rasa to use it as evidence of her identity if she ever goes to meet him. However, Rasa’s brother had stolen all of his mother’s valuables, including the ring.
Rasa decided to confront Chalerm and make him apologize, in order to honor her mother’s now departed soul.
Chalerm, owner of a big jewelry company, refused to meet or acknowledge Rasa immediately. He believes, along with his wife and his oldest daughter, Wan, that Rasa is a con-artist, looking for money. Sasikarn, Chalerm’s younger daughter, believes Rasa’s words and treats her nicely. Sasikarn’s boyfriend, Chanon, is asked to help keep Rasa away. He distrusts Rasa, but his younger brother, Apirak, has fallen in love with her. 
Chanon has his own struggles, as he deals with his mother, who has recently returned. Twenty years earlier, she abandoned her young kids and husband, in order to follow her lover. Her actions left Chanon and Apirak with deep scars and abandonment issues.
Rasa and Chanon can’t help being attracted to each other, but they find themselves torn between love and responsibility towards family.  (MyDramaList)

Subbed by SweetKob Fansubs Ep 1-7

Chobling Fansubs -EP 7.8 to EP17

AndrewGregsonFC2 EP18 – 20end. RAW

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7 months ago

WOW.I would give this 100 stars if i could!Amazing acting,directing and writing!Andrew totally shined as the tortured Chanon…falling for the spirited Rasa played by Kob.Such a electric chemistry!Wish that the last episodes got subbed.