Losing Feelings for Dramas?

Bhupphae Sunniwat

For awhile now, I haven’t really been able to finish many of the dramas that I started watching. I’ll read the synopsis and watch a trailer, get very into the drama…but then I just lose interest a few episodes in. Are any of you guys in the same boat? I was talking to my fellow Lakorn Galaxy girls and Phanthittra said she’s the same as me!

I am not sure why I keep losing interest! I just keep jumping from drama to drama without finishing it. Sometimes I will bookmark the last episode I watch, then revisit the drama later. Sometimes, I will just forget about the drama altogether!
My friend mentioned something to me before…have you guys visited my post about Daras’ tiktoks? So what my friend had talked to me about is how with tiktok videos, those clips are very short! With these short clips, it is sort of shortening our attention span? Because with these short tiktok videos, they get our interest in a mere 30 seconds to 1 minute and it is over. With dramas? It is hours and hours of watching! And I think that could be the reason why I can’t really finish my dramas anymore. Ever since I downloaded tiktok, I spend way more time on my phone than watching my dramas!

Maturot Lohgan

Although I lose interest in a lot of dramas, I started thinking about previous ones that I’ve watched. What did I decide to do? I decided to rewatch it! As you can see from the images above, those are two of the lakorns that I decided to rewatch! I just finished Bhuppae Sunniwat yesterday and immediately began rewatching Maturot Lohgan! Also, I am watching Sai Lohit again as well!

Has anyone watched the show Bridgerton on Netflix? After watching that show, I really wanted to watch/rewatch more shows from an older time period! Maybe I will jump ship and watch a Chinese time period drama soon?

Sorry for my little rambling here! But have any of you lost interest in watching anything? What are you currently watching!

Written by Camilla.

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