(YOU CAN CHOOSE TO PARTICIPATE IN JUST ONE OR IN ALL THE DYNAMICS, the more you participate, the more chances you have to win.)


Option 1:

Create a collage of lakorns (you can also use any Asian Drama) to describe the meaning of some words from our LGuage like PLOT, KAE, VICKY, etc..

Option 2:

Use the INITIALS of the Original Subbers listed on our blog, and create an acronym OR a list with lakorns subbed by them with those letters. Use as many as you can. Be creative.

Option 3:

Write your own lakorn by creating a poster with the CAST and synopsis you wish Thai producers would work on. Like the posters we use, BUT with your own lakorn. Don’t copy a real one. (IF YOU DON’T KNOW HOW TO EDIT PICS, YOU CAN JUST WRITE THE SCRIPT AND SEND IT TO US)

Option 4:

Use the letters in LAKORN GALAXY to describe what Lakorn Galaxy Admins do.

Option 5:

Write why lakorns are better than other series or dramas, what your first lakorn was, your favorite and the one you hated but still watched. Mention things, words, cultural stuff you have learned by watching lakorns.

Option 6:

Create at least 2 memes using screenshots of ANY Lakorn/Drama. Extra points if the subbers logos are there.

Option 7:

Short clip video… of what? ANYTHING about lakorns. Create your own MV, Fanfic… anything!

Before participating in ANY of these dynamics, you need to complete the requirements mentioned on the picture… VERY EASY requirements.

NOTE: Winners will be selected by votes of Admins of LG, some Original Subbers and Comrades.


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16 days ago

One of the many lakorns I watched during quarantine was Mathurot Lohgan. I think it’s by far one of the better lakorns I’ve watched in so long. It was my first time watching a ch7 lakorn in a while and my first time seeing the two leads act. I fell in love with Mike’s character fast, which doesn’t happen often. I loved how Petch wasn’t your typical damsel character and how she didn’t pull Suer Pa back from his duties. It didn’t drag for me and there weren’t unnecessary fillers. It was one where I didn’t drag the skip button… Read more »

13 days ago

I like thai drama

7 days ago

I watched the lakorn Sai Ruk Sai Sawat, and I am still waiting for it to be fully subbed. I win by supporting original subbers.

4 days ago

I’m currently watching Mia Archeep and am loving it! Thank you for your hard work and always providing us with quality and quick subs! I win by supporting original subbers.

4 days ago

Fai Lang Fai – One of my favorites! The FL is strong, determined, and above all else, sensible. I’m not a big fan of Boy, but the ML character had me swooning at his unwavering love and care for the FL, regardless of her misdeeds and faults. All of the actors did a great job and the storyline moved along at a good pace towards redemption and restoration. “I win by supporting Original Subbers” (I’m adding this here in case I erred when I previously entered it under the drama comments!)