Game Rak Game Payabaht (2021) / Game Of Love and Vengeance

Cathaleya, a new-wave jewelry designers of the world, returns to Thailand with an aim to take a revenge on Euakan, a successful Thai jewelry businesswoman, who jeopardized her family with mysterious death of her parents 15 years ago. The A-List team of 4 members trained by her uncle, David; has been assigned on the mission to destroy Euakan’s jewelry business empire. Cathaleya made both Euakan’s sons: Tinn and Trai, fall in love with her. However, Tinn was suspicious about Cathaleya’s intention. So, he was all after whatever Cathaleya tries to conceal. But the more he gets closer to her, the more he gets to know the real person in her. He got confused with his own feelings. Meanwhile, Lalin got killed in an accident. Tinn blamed it on Cathaleya. The vengeance of both Cathaleya and Euakan has culminated to a point of no return without even realizing what loss each of them may face. (Source: iQIYI)

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3 months ago

is this already aired?