Forensic Heroes III (2011) / 法證先鋒 III


Forensis Heroes (2006)

The shootings at a wedding banquet lift the curtain on two mysterious cases. Elites from the forensic and police departments work together once again to fight crime and uphold the law. Jack “Pro Sir” Po is a senior chemist who has earned the title of human encyclopedia due to his extensive knowledge. Senior forensic pathologist Chung Hok Sum is dedicated to her work and having studied various courses, she often brings about unexpected results. Pro Sir and Chung Hok Sum become friends due to their work as they fight side by side. Ada Ling is a senior inspector of the West Kowloon Major Crimes Division. She is skilled in strategy and deployment. Lee Chin Fung is a sergeant who works closely with Ada Ling. He used to be a member of the special police squad, Flying Tigers. Despite coming from a wealthy family, he joins the police in pursuit of his ideals. (Source:

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